Liberty & Enforcing The Constitution

I don’t know about you but I believe that I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, my family(and extended family) and our business, of helping our church, helping our community, and in so doing by extension helping our state and our country. I’m fairly certain that most of you feel this way too.

The idea that a politician via the government has the job of taking care of all Americans and all their problems besides being impossible is also utterly absurd since the government cannot even run the post office without being “way in the red”.

In going over the Constitution one will find that there is, “not a darn thing in there”, that gives the government that power. If someone thinks there is then we must first get their agreement to check out what the Constitution actually says and secondly we must make sure there are no misunderstanding of words and if so get the dictionary out to get the actual meaning. There is more than one definition for many words and confusion can result if we have an incorrect one. Many of you know this already but some do not.

The definitons for enforce are as follows; 1 obedience by threat and 2 to execute effectively. This is according to Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary. Now, I’d prefer to use only definition 2 but since we have strayed so far from the Constitution I believe we have to use definition 1 as well. Helping individuals(even politicians) understand the Constitution is the goal. The Constitution is our reality, our agreement as far as our government is concerned. Without it there is no agreement. As Americans we know what the government can do and more importantly what it can’t do. All a person need do is look around at what our government is doing right this moment by passing laws that are: 1. Against the will of the people.  2. Nationalizing whole industries (the healthacare bill, banking bill, auto bailout). 3. So large, twisted and convoluted that the politicians themselves don’t know what’s in them. 4. Changing our Constitution bypassing Article V (which tells us how to change it giving the individual the utmost protection). These are serious matters and our individual rights as stated in the Declaration of Independence are going to vanish if this continues much longer. Some may say this could never happen. If you think this then I ask you to take another good look at it before you dismiss these assertions.

We must be totally unreasonable about this. That is why we must let politicians know they will be voted out of office if they refuse, by their actions not their words, to comply with reading and applying the Constitution. Being reasonable (accepting excuses, reasons etc.) has gotten us into the mess we are in at this moment in history (The Great Society etc.).  

So, let’s get back to our fundamentals and drag our politicians along with us. On second thought we should fire any politician that voted for the stimulus bill, the healthcare bill, the banking bill or the cap & trade bill (energy bill).

Enforce the Constitution and we will keep our Liberty.



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