The Constitution vs. Control Over We The People

Controlling and restraining the people has been an age old goal of all governments since the beginning of man’s history. Whether it is a king, queen, emperor, czar, warlord or dictator the goal most of the time is the same; control, control, control. The Founders of course came from europe where there were kings, queens, lords and nobles interested in of all things how to control the people. In the 20th century we developed such things as facsism, communism and socialism. All of these forms of government have the same goal. Controlling the people. Control and restrain the governed. What about liberty and freedom?

The Founders wrote our founding documents to finally give all of us an opportunity to rise above this restraint and oppression. The only restraints would be the laws of the land which were based on of all things the ten commandments and of course the ones which we put on ourselves. The people now had choices over where they lived, what they did(Shall I say small businesses?) and who ruled them. We’ve now come full circle. Many of our politicians, proclaiming that the Constituion gives them the authority, plan to control all facets of our lives through the healthcare law, the banking law and redistributing property(money). We now vote in our kings, queens, lords and nobles.

Following the Constitution gives control to us, the people. We control and restrain the government not the other way around. We got off to a good start on November 2nd. Let’s keep the ball rolling, up the ante and leave our children and grandchildren with the freedom & liberty the Founders entrusted us with.

We can do it!



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