Declaration of Individual Rights

Theses rights are the rights of the Individual and must be secured by all governments and states. It is the primary function of any government or state. These rights are inherent in every Individual, no matter gender or age, no matter race, religious belief’s or non-belief’s, no matter the Individual’s status in a society, no matter any opinion to the contrary. These rights are derived from natural law and the observation that the Individual only realizes his full potential when these rights are freely exercised. The Creator has woven these rights into the very being of the Individual.

Every Individual has the right to life. No Individual may have their life taken from them for any reason unless accused of a capital offense.

Every Individual has the right to their own liberty. No Individual may be forced or coerced by another individual, group or state by force, whether economic force, physical force or any other kind of force. The freedom to choose one’s own course of action is inherent in the Individual.

Every Individual has the right to pursue one’s goals and dreams. No Individual may be stopped from doing this by any other individual, group or state unless a law has been violated.

Every Individual has the right to one’s own sanity. Since there is no defined right and wrong in the courts only when it is proven as in a court of law that the Individual has committed a serious crime may a diminishing of these inherent rights be tolerated.

Every Individual has the right to freely assemble with those who are like-minded or not and to establish communities of like-minded people wherever they wish to in accordance with local law.

Every Individual has the right to freely speak or write his, ideas, opinions and thoughts whether critical of the powers that be or not. Speech may never be controlled by the government or state and is solely in the purview of the Individual. To communicate one’s thoughts and ideas is inherent in the Individual. This is the only way Mankind makes advances not only in technology but also in the humanities.

Every Individual has the right to freely practice their religious belief’s. Government may not hinder or forward any religious or non-religious belief of any kind or hinder the practice of these belief’s. Individuals who serve the public in government also inherently possess these rights. Serving in government for a limited period of time does not mean one gives up these rights.

All Individuals have the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances as individuals or groups of individuals and an expectation of a correction of these grievances must be addressed without diminishing the individual’s rights.

Freedom of the press is established and required by a free sociesty to expose wrongdoing by governments, states, and businesses. Every Individual has the right to disseminate printed or written matter of any kind in whatever form to accomplish this and in so doing is considered a member of the press.

Every Individual has the right to own and possess firearms and ammunition. the government or state has no power to diminish this right in any way. The government or state having sole possession of firearms and ammunition would lead to a tyranny.

Every Individual has the right to be treated eually under the law. Government and states may not institute cruel and unusual punishment or excessive fines relative to income nor excessive bail if a crime is suspected.

Every Individual has the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of his peers in the State, Province, and/or district where committed and is always considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of any charges brought forth by the government or state. The burden of proof always rests with the government or state and this burden of proof may not be lessened for any reason.

Every Individual has the right to be justly compensated for private property taken by the government or state for public use.

Every Individual has the right to be secure in his own papers, person, property, personal and professional information. An individual warrant must be obtained from a judge and may only be issued if there is reasonable suspicion, not based solely on hearsay, that a crime has been committed. The government or state may not issue a general warrant covering more than one issue, person or group.

Every Individual has the right to refuse members of the military or government entrance and residence in their home even in time of war unless specifically stated by law for a finite period of time.

Every Individual has the right to demand a Grand Jury indictment if being accused of a capital or heinous crime except in times of War or public danger when in service of land or naval forces or Militia. These times may not go on indefinitely.

Every Individual has the right to be tried only once for a crime or offense and may not be forced or coerced to witness against oneself.

Every Individual in Civil suits, when value exceeds more than one days pay has the right to a trial by jury.

Every Individual or group of Individuals has the right to retain all listed rights and government or states may not deny or take away said rights in place of supposed benefits accrued by the Individual or groups of individuals from the government.

Powers not granted or listed by the constitution to the federal government or state are retained by the people and no other interpretation of this right will be allowed.

Every Individual has the right to his personal freedom. Slavery of any form nor involuntary servitude may not exist within any government or state’s boundaries unless the Individual has been convicted of a crime.

Every Individual has the right to vote and shall not be denied or limited by any government or state for reason of race, gender, color, creed, social or economic standing or for any other such reason. Likewise no one may vote unless a proven citizen since allowing otherwise would invalidate the Individual’s ballot.

For a society to remain free these rights must be secured for every Individual with no exceptions. Without these Individual rights society will descend into darkness where there is no right to life, liberty and property. It may all seem reasonable and seem to make some kind of sense as the powers that be explain how they know best and aren’t we just trying to help the less fortunate. Giving up Individual rights to supposedly help another in reality will destroy both the helper and the helped. Both goals can be accomplished simultaneously though in a free society where Individual rights are secured for all!


Groups & The Constitution

The people we associate with for various purposes and goals like our churches for spiritual reasons, businesses to exchange services or products with others, our cities and towns to have safe clean places to live and raise our families, our states where the people have much more say about what becomes a law and what doesn’t, and the myriad of other groups that are formed by our associations including our country are secured and protected under our Constitution. A centralized government, without enumerated powers that restricts the actions of it’s people, will always want  groups to conform to their ideas for that is one way government accomplishes “Control Over We The People“.  Alas, this idea only leads to dullness, low or no production of any kind, and a reduction in the drive that keeps a society expanding and prospering. These guys either don’t know or don’t care that it is the Individual that is the driving force behind our nation’s great success and survival not conformity.

Governments are made up of people just like our churches, communities and cities are. These people are subject to the same variables and limitations that we are and are many times afraid of us(We the People). Giving them unlimited power by not “Enforcing The Constitution” is not a bright idea. The purpose of our Constitution is to restrict and restrain the government leaving us the liberty & freedom that each of us inherently possess thanks to our Creator. The Founders knew this and although we have lost so much of our liberty in the last 100 years and even more so in the last 10, this founding document has saved us from losing all of our liberty. Without the Constitution liberty would have already vanished from our society!

Ask around and find out how many people that you come in contact with know and understand our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Unfortunately it’s very few from my experience and some that do profess to know these documents are more interested in criticizing the authors than understanding the underlying principles that are at their foundation. The situation is grim thanks to the erosion of education mostly under the control of the department of education. (which is eerily like the tenth plank of the communist manifesto) Our own government has managed through regulation after regulation the destruction of the family unit via welfare, education through policies like “No child left behind”, and morals by deeming that the Constitution says there is a seperation of Church and state which of course it does not.

When we read and understand the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights we know what our government can and especially what it can’t do. This idea of the average guy(peasant) knowing this irks the authoritarian(king, lord or noble/in our case politician or university professor). Control over a person becomes virtually impossible once one possess the knowledge about how something works, even government. Armed with this knowledge about how our government must run according to our Constitution(the supreme law of the land) the Individual regains freedom and liberty. The authoritarian fears this above all else for it sheds the light of truth on their real purpose and leaves them powerless to boot!

1820 September 28. (to William C. Jarvis) “I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society, but the people themselves: and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their controul with a wholsome discretion, the remedy is, not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. this is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.”                       Thomas Jefferson

This battle of ideas is ours to win by giving everyone the opportunity to understand our founding documents. Who can argue with liberty for all?


The Family & The Constitution

When we talk about the building block of America we are talking about the family. Without it there would be no America, no government, no businesses, no communities, towns, cities, or states. There would be no structure for children to grow up in, no safety, no education(which starts and continues from parents until the child can fend for itself). Our country and communities need a strong family unit. One that can stand on its own to grow and prosper. Each family unique in its own way with different paths to the same end. An independent, intelligent, productive and caring individual.

Only loving and caring parents can do this. Mothers and Fathers teach their children the basics of language and how to get along with others amongst a myriad of other things.  Government cannot do this.This is evidenced by the wild gangs of teenagers that roam the streets of Chicago and sometimes Philadelphia. These children are products of a constantly expanding welfare state created by politicians who do not have the best interests of families at heart. Oh, these politicians say they are helping but their actions(laws and regulations) only serve to degrade and destroy the very thing they propose to protect, our families. There is only one way politicians can make these laws harming our families and that is to do the same thing to our Consitution.

The Constitution if  applied  to its stated end of a limited federal government, with enumerated powers, will allow all families to grow and prosper by not interfering with their natural developement. That is, a man and a woman find each other, fall for each other, and decide to marry and have children. In the course of living and creating a family these two individuals will rise to the occasion many times throughout their lives and make their own choices on how and in what way they will raise their children. The result, most of the time, are  happy adults who usually have a good purpose and will have a good effect on neighbors and their communities. Government interfering in the natural course of families will degrade all of them to a certain extent and will destroy many. Most of the degradation of our inner cities are a product of these broken families.

I know the Founders were aware of this and knew in their hearts that men were mostly good and that government, if run by those who think they know best, will find a way to eliminate those who disagree with them. Governments of our planet have managed to murder close to 250 million people but you will find very little reminder of this in the media when they agree with the government that is in power. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights does rectify this by giving the federal government limited enumerated powers leaving the rest to the States and the People. Unforunately today you would have no idea that the federal government is limited even a little.

Our country, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our families are being degraded and destroyed from the inside out by our own uninformed votes. We must correct this downward course. We can do this by knowing and understanding our founding documents and how they relate to each of us and our families. We have to agree with our politicians for this downward course to continue so let’s disagree and let our politicians know we disagree. It is our country you know!

Strong, independent, and prosperous families will be the rule of the day when we eliminate government interference in them by knowing and understanding the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights and forcing our wayward politicians to do the same!


The Individual & The Constitution

How does the individual benefit from the full implementation of our Constitution? Believe it or not, your life, your liberty(Your right to choose without being forced or coerced), and your pursuit of your goals and dreams, at this moment in time, depend utterly on  knowing, understanding and forcing our politicians to apply the Constitution.

If you look at Man’s history before our Declaration of Independence you will find no individual rights. Those who were peasants stayed peasants and those who were lords, nobles and royalty usually remained royalty. The United States was the very first country to secure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the individual. Was it perfect? No, of course not. Is it messy? Yes, millions of individuals choosing their own way through life cannot help but have its harrowing moments. In the end though, individuals making their own way and overcoming obstacles led to the greatest strides in most areas of life in man’s history, proving that it is individuals not the government who create new jobs, new inventions, and new ideas. Oh, and if some politician comes along and says, “I can make it better”, make sure you take out your Constitution and be very sure whatever bill is proposed passes the test of constitutionality, for every new bill passed into law will certainly take some of your money and more importantly some of your liberty.

The enumerated powers granted to the federal government by the Constitution leaves the rest to the states and the people according to  the tenth amendment(Article 12 in original version). An unrestrained federal government will come up with laws that factually ruin lives(welfare), strip liberty from the individual(Obamacare), and destroys the individuals dreams and goals(sixteen trillion dollars of debt).

Obamacare all by itself strips away from individuals and families the right to choose when and if they want insurance, what the insurance will cover and stops them from practicing certain religious belief’s(forces coverage of abortion drugs, abortion, sterilization). These decisions are taken away from the individual and given to the health and human services secretary or a panel of  beaurocrats all unelected. This kind of a system is more likely under a socialist/marxist society than a free one. Obamacare is a 2,700 page law. It is obvious that the bigger the government the bigger slice of the individual’s rights are taken away. Eventully, if unchecked, the state will control all that we see, hear, and do. Enforcement of our Constitution will restrain and restrict our politicians and beaurocrats which is how it should be. We the people restrain and restrict the government not the other way around!

Every man, woman, and child in America and across the planet for that matter thrives on liberty and freedom. New ideas spring from these great ideas. Of course we need laws to deter thieves and murderers but not for most of us. The majority of individuals would do the right thing even if the law wasn’t there.

Our government’s first priority is securing the individual’s rights according to the Declartion of Independence! If a politician isn’t doing this then we must throw them out of office.

This election is the most important election in my lifetime. Read and understand our founding documents.  Look for the candidate who’s ideas are most like those ideas in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights and then pull the lever.

Doing this will secure liberty and freedom for all!


The War On Our Constitution And The Path To Victory

There are continuous attacks on our Constitution by Mr. Obama and many of our politicians through the Enviromental Protection Agency, Health & Human Services, the Education department, and the Transportation Security Agency. There are so many of these agencies that I don’t think the politicians themselves know them all. Also there is unconstitutional legislation like the healthcare law. Don’t take my word for it. Look at the enumerated powers listed in our Constitution and then compare that to what each of these agencies are currently doing to withhold our natural resources, force us to compromise our religious belief’s and our right to privacy, indoctrinate our students into socialist and marxists ideology through radical teaching, and take away our right to due process at all airports where we are treated as criminals until we prove our innocence.

But these attacks are most onerous within the healthcare law. This one law all by itself could totally change life in our country from freedom to slavery.  You think that can never happen in America. I thought so too until the healthcare bill was passed into law through bribery and coercion and against the consent of the people.

All of this may appear very complicated but if we look at it through the lens of our Constitution it  sorts itself out pretty quickly. Look at our Constitution and you will find that none of these agencies mentioned above and the actions they take appear in the enumerated powers of the executive branch as listed under Article II. There are many more such violations of the enumerated powers our Constitution grants each branch of government. Too many to go into here.

This war on our Constitution has been ramped up tremendously in the last several years but it’s been going on since before the great depression. Whenever legislation has passed that gives any branch of government a power that is not an enumerated power granted by our Constitution a battle has been lost along with a little of our individual rights. A presidential veto would be the right thing to do for any such legislation along with the page showing this is not an enumerated power. Alas, very few of our leaders have had the courage nor the fortitude to do this. An example of this is social security. There is no enumerated power for this in Article I, section 8 of our Constitution.

Each piece of legislation that is not held up to our Constitution to see if it is within the boundaries of the government’s enumerated powers actually changes the relationship between the government and the individual and this change is never good for the individual. Is it ever good to let someone else decide for you? Of course not. That would be like saying being robbed is good for a person. In actual fact when we are robbed of some of our liberty we also lose some of ourselves as well.

There is only one correct way to change our Constitution and it is not through legislation or executive order. It is through Article 5 of our Constitution. Read through it and you will find that this procedure if followed will give, “We the People”, the most say in the proposed change. A change like that put forth by the healthcare bill would have never seen the light of day if our politicians upheld their oath of office and followed our Constitution.

So, what can we do about this seemingly disastorous predicament we find ourselves in? We can study our founding documents with friends and family. There are resources and suggested sites on this blog to help you.  Start or join groups who want to put our Constitution back in use. Contact your representatives, senators and the president insisting on the same. Last but not least keep dreaming of the day when the Declaration of Independence, the Constituion, and the Bill of Rights are known so well by all of us that no politician or bureaucrat will dare violate them!

Victory is right around the corner!


The Constitution Is A Must Know For All Americans

It’s times like these, where government is getting bigger and bigger and liberty is getting smaller and smaller, that the Constitution becomes the only way out for all of us even those who despise and detest it. Only those without honor and integrity would pervert the very document that secures their unalienable rights, along with the rest of us, into a document that eradicates them one by one. These men and women will not always be in power and therefore will also be subject to an uncontrolled state. These policies will subject all future generations to these same mechanisms where the individual is nothing and the state is all.  Not much foresight in that is there unless your goal is to suppress individuality.

The idea that we the people cannot be experts on the Constitution is totally, absolutely, one hundred per-cent FALSE! It was written for us so that we can keep our government and especially our politicians in line. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and politicians like Mr. Obama are not “Above the Law”. The prime purpose of the Constitution is the securing of our unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as stated in the Decalaration of Independence for each and every American no matter their race, no matter their creed, no matter their status in life. Anyone who would try to take away any of these rights from any American is unqualified to hold any position in our government whether politician or bureaucrat and should be immediately dismissed or impeached. No exceptions allowed.

Unfortunately Mr. Obama, most of the Democrat party, at least half of the Republican party and all of the mainstream media are working hard to split Americans into groups and then pit these groups one against the other. Young vs. old, rich vs. poor, black vs. white and on and on. You name the groups and they will pit them against each other. Instead of inspiring us to greater success, honor and integrity these men and women find the lowest common denominator in our fellow Americans and push that on every one of us.

What kind of men and women do this? Those who say they are for all Americans but in reality the laws they want to pass and the policies they want to put in place will serve only to make us lazy, keep us down and confiscate our property. It is not charity to take property, that someone or some group has earned,  and give it to another with no exchange taking place. That is legal theft and a horrible example to set for young and old alike. But then why would you care about young people learning about something as important as exchange when your primary goal is to strip free will from every American except for those who agree with you. Charity is giving something you have earned of your own free will. It is not a required contribution as the unconsitutional healthcare law states. Isn’t a contribution given freely?

Pick up the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Study them so you get an understanding of them. These are the documents that will secure every Americans life, liberty and property!


Religious Freedom & The Constitution

The first amendment to the Constitution states that, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Of course that means we can put our religious beliefs into action in whatever way we choose. That is the point, isn’t it? We have free will. We are free men and free women. The government or some politician doesn’t have the authority under the Constitution to decide for us. Most Americans do believe this. The problem is that many if not most of our politicians do not understand that the Constitution was designed to secure the individual’s rights, not the federal governments. We have strayed so far from our Constitution that Mr. Obama thinks that he can decide for us which of our beliefs and principles we can exercise and which we cannot. All this in spite of the fact that the bill of rights specifically states exactly the opposite and the oath of office requires Mr. Obama to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. This is one of the president’s main functions and is neglect of duty if not being done. Thus an impeachable offense!

It is extremely important all Americans, no matter which side you are on,  face these facts. We do have religious freedom in our country and Mr. Obama is working quickly to remove this right bit by bit from our Constitution! Even if your beliefs are not in their crosshairs now eventually they will be and so will you. The question is will there be anyone left standing with you?

We can think that this could never happen here and well, everyone uses contraception anyway, so what’s the big deal. But consider this, every dictatorship, totalitarian state, marxist state and police state has started out by taking away freedom’s enjoyed by it’s citizens. Don’t take my word for it check it out for yourself. Look at what has happened in other countries like Venezuela.

We must confront what is actually occurring here, right now, right this minute. Many of the bureaucrats and politicians in our government are factually working to undermine our Constitution and bill of rights. The evidence is all around us. The bigger our government gets the more freedoms we lose with more forms to fill out and more bureaucrats to tell us what and how we are allowed to do things.  These bureaucrats are unelected and appointed mostly by the president, who from his actions, demonstrates that he’s only interested in what the government can do to you and is totally uninterested in what the government can’t do to you! Ask yourself how else could someone care more about a supposed right to a free abortion drug than to the free exercise of one’s religion, principles and morals? This defies logic!

What can we do about it? First we must let all of our representatives, senators and the president know that these are unconstitutional actions, period! Nothing can force us to go against our own principles and belief’s. Not even the federal government! Next write letters, send e-mails, visit offices and phone your senators, representatives and the president. We will let them know who’s the boss and in the process enforce our Constitution.

All of us are guaranteed the free exercise of our beliefs whether religious or not. Any attempt by anyone in our government to strip this right from any individual in America is unacceptable and will not be tolerated! It’s as simple as Keeping Our Constitution Working!

Tom LoGrasso

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